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Help Ban Tordon 101

The Ban Tordon 101 website contains information and access to a downloadable petition calling for a ban on the use of Tordon 101, a dangerous pesticide.

In the province of Newfoundland and Labrador petitions must be written using specific language and must contain handwritten signatures. Online petitions will not be tabled in the house in NL. Please consider following this link and downloading a petition for members of your family and community to sign.




St. John’s City Council to discuss resolution on discontinuing use of Tordon 101

UPDATE: Resolution defeated (5:4), main proponents against an organic province were Mayor O’Keefe and Councillor Breen. Coun. Wally Collins had this to say: “You just heard Coun. O’Leary say they cause smaller babies [but] look at the farmers in our way, and none of them are too small … I don’t think they’re very weak or dying of cancer, anymore than anybody else.”

Watch the whole city council debate here.


The Tordon Players encourage everyone concerned about the spraying of Tordon 101 along the province’s highways (the Roadside Spraying Program) to attend the Council Meeting at St. John’s City Hall, Sept 4th, at 4:30. Sheilagh O’Leary has proposed the following (taken from City Council’s Agenda for Sept 4):